Ikebana International SF Chapter Flower Show

Irene with her bamboo arangement

Irene with Her Bamboo Arangement

Calla Lily Arrangement

Calla Lilly Arrangement

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“A friend took this picture of me at the Ikebana Show today.  My Brother made the stand  for this structure and the metal holder that holds my vase at the top of three of the bamboo pieces.  The bamboo came from Mom’s backyard, note the wonderful crookedness at the bottom of the pieces.  It is decorated with passion flower vine, jasmine, protea, and Queen’s Tears.  It was getting a lot of interest which made me happy.”

“We ended up having a very good show with lots of interest. Over 1,500. people attended.  Our publicity person did a tremendous job with spots on PBS about Ikebana and a large article in the Chronicle.”

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Saturday, March 26th, 2011 Ikebana (includes video)

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