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The Art of Bee Yearian

Beatrice M. Yearian was my father’s sister known to me as “Aunt Bee.” Her formal training was that of a physicist and she was also married to a physicist. Both were on the faculty of Purdue University for many years. She was an enthusiastic artist and her scientific background is apparent in her art.

Memorial Exhibit

Memorial Exhibit

Aunt Bee II

Aunt Bee III

Black Hole

Black Hole: acrylic on canvas 1994

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Handcrafted Books by Evie Wilson

Evie Wilson was Uncle Rob’s partner in life. She was an accomplished artist in several mediums.

Go to to see some of her work.

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Irene Jenkins

Irene Jenkins is Uncle Rob’s sister. She has an Art Degree from San Jose State University and works primarily in ceramics and Ikebana. She is a member of the Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild and the San Francisco Chapter of Ikebana International  The motto of Ikebana International is “Friendship through flowers”; the web site for Ikebana International in Japan is

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Paintings by Nellie Harriet Parker

Nellie Harriet (Sly/Mason) Parker (NHP) was Uncle Rob’s paternal grandmother. To see her art and story click here.

Leslie Masters Villani

Leslie Masters Viallani is Uncle Rob’s first cousin on his fathers side. She is a consumate artist whose specialty is color.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Italy: Hot Sun                          acrylic 18" x 24"

Italy: Hot Sun acrylic 18" x 24"

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