18. Abandoned Duck Club

Abandoned Duck Club
Abandoned Duck Club
Your BankAmericard Welcome Here
Your BankAmericard Welcome Here

ink/wash drawing (left)                                          15 x 24

etching (right)                                                         16 x 21 1/2

The structures shown in this image can only be reached by boat. They are located up Mowry Slough near thesouth end of San Francisco Bay. I was exploring there in 1979 when the tide ran out and left theGAMBELLA sitting on the mud. Fortunately, I had my art supplies with me so I passed the time making the sketch on the left which laterbecame the source for the etching shown on the right.

The title of this piece (on right) dates it pretty accurately (1981) and comes from a sign that some wag had hung in front of the club. This was a two-plate, three-color registration. Only three of one hundred were printed although anumber of artist’s proofs also exist.

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