14. Dillon Beach Scene

Dillon Beach Scene
Dillon Beach Scene

etching                                                                                           9 x 6

As seen through a window while trapped inside on a rainy day in 1982.


Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 Pages 11 - 20

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  1. I have Limited Edition 7/30 of Bolina Beach House R. L. Mason 1984, here in Savannah, GA. It is the same one shown and mentioned on Page 15 of this book. I bought it from the Artist/Printmaker himself at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, CA.

    My edition of this etching is matted and framed, 20″ x 16 glass & aluminum green tone accent. It is now packed in climate controlled storage. It hung on my parents’ dining room north wall (no direct sunlight) in Downers Grove, IL, until 2006. It has held up very well over time.

    I am wondering how many other of the 30 originals are still out there, and where they may be? Also wondering what the secondary market value of this etching may be here in 2015?

  2. TOM SODER on September 8th, 2015

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